Post Index by Date

  1. Gordon Bacon Redesign,

    Attempting to find a new design for another old character.

  2. Lily Grapes Redesign,

    Attempting to find a new design for an old character.

  3. Re: Re: Absurd Chain,

    My entry to the narrative-driven jam #13.

  4. Pepper&Carrot: The Wizard,

    My entry to the Pepper&Carrot Jam.

  5. Pepper&Carrot Game Jam,

    Taking part in yet another game jam.

  6. Narrative-Driven Jam #12 Postmortem,

    A retrospective on narrative-driven jam #12.

  7. The Hirsute Adventure of the Archivist Oddly Proud of Being Bald,

    My entry to the narrative-driven jam #12.

  8. Narrative-Driven Jam #12,

    Another graphic-heavy entry for a game jam that brings nothing but frustrations.

  9. HashLink Logging on Android,

    How to change the tag that HashLink uses when logging on Android.

  10. Sentinel Enemy,

    The introduction of a sentinel character to Xenorogue

  11. Little Pixel-Art Animations,

    I finished the first draft of the animations i need for the player.

  12. Grapes and Bacon,

    My entry to the narrative-driven jam #11.

  13. Narrative-driven jam #11,

    My frustrations while trying to participate to a game jam with a graphic-heavy entry.

  14. Heaps and HashLink on Android,

    I explain what i did to build Xenorogue to run on Android smartphones.

  15. Autotiling Rules,

    Introduction to the autotiling system i am implementing for a new turn-based role-playing game.

  16. Aseprite and HeapsAtlas,

    How did i use spritesheets produced by Aseprite with Heaps.

  17. Giving Old Games a New Home with Emscripten,

    How we ported old games written in C++ into HTML5.

  18. Tramposillu: Four Friends, One Device, Zero Rules,

    We introduce our newest touchscreen-based party game, Tramposillu, available on Google Play and the Apple’s App Store.

  19. Seven Days, One Roguelike,

    We describe our entry to the 2021 edition of the Seven-Day Roguelike (7DRL) challenge.

  20. Oculta—Hidden Online,

    We unveil a escape room type of game we have been developing the past months in conjunction with Customazed.

  21. My Little Roguelike on Apple’s App Store,

    We announce the publication of our game, My Litte Roguelike, to Apple’s App Store.

  22. Lotta Callbacks,

    A glance at the mess we got ourselves into with the use of callbacks in networking code.

  23. Annunciation of the Server,

    Brief description of how Flick Karts’ server announces itself to potential clients across the LAN.

  24. Two is Company, Four is a Race,

    We improve Flick Karts’ server component to handle multiple races of up-to four players in parallel.

  25. Which Way is Up?,

    A description of why and how we had to use two different view ports to render Flick Karts’ game screen and HUD.

  26. OnFlick: Flick Flick,

    A funny anecdote regarding the repetition of a Flick Karts’ core concept in functions.

  27. Headless libGDX and Tiled Maps Woes,

    We find out that libGDX’s TmxMapLoader fails with a null pointer exception using the headless backend and explain a solution.

  28. Flick Karts: A New Beginning,

    We introduce Flick Karts, a new video game written in Java for Android, desktop, and the web inspired by the board game Pitch Car.