Narrative-Driven Jam #12

Last Thursday began the twelfth edition of the narrative-driven jam, the jam centered on games that focus on plot, characters, and lore. Even though it is obvious that i am very bad at it, i have decided to try again my luck with a graphic adventure game. Practice makes perfect, they say. However, they also say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

This time i did not even try to do solid shapes, and went back to a style very similar to Once Upon a Time’s (insanity) but with a little more detail than just stick figures (practice). Here is the comparison.

Comparison between the main protagonist of Once Upon a Time (left) and the protagonist of the new game (right).

All of you that have any notion of art might be thinking that, although maybe not completely insane, i am not very bright if i consider this a substantial “improvement”. And you are right—i am not bright at all. However, this is improvement for me. Even though i still have to go through hours of frustration (insanity) just for a walking animation cycle like the following.

New game’s protagonist walking around the archive room.

Let’s see what i end up with once all of this is over.