Narrative-driven jam #11

This week i parked Xenorogue for a while because i wanted to participate to this month’s narrative-driven jam #11. It is a jam centered on games that focus on plot, the actual storyline of the piece; characters, those that carry out actions; and lore, everything that makes the world feel alive. There are many game genres that can integrate these pillars very well, but for me there is no better genre than adventure games, specifically graphic adventures.

And that means having to draw a lot.

I have already participated in previous editions for the jam with Once Upon a Time and The Lighthouse Keeper. Both games have line art graphics, although in different styles and made with two different drawing software—Inkscape and Krita, respectively—, so this time i wanted to take my chance with the complete reverse: solid shapes.

I guess i felt inspired with games like Once Upon a Jester and Overboard, that have very beautiful graphics in that same style, at least to me. Also, to be honest, this style looks deceptively simple.

Screenshoot of Once Upon a Jester.

I am not, however, an artist; i am a programmer, and not even very good at it. So, this was what i ended up barfing after hours of frustration.

Animation of anthropomorphic grapes and pig walking

I do not know what it is, but i find them very boring to look at. The only thing i could think of that made them look better was to increase their sizes, and add an outline.

Animation of anthropomorphic grapes and pig walking

The last thing i “could” do was to make them “bouncier”.

Animation of anthropomorphic grapes and pig walking

You can not image how much time i have wasted just for that. It is so exasperating. I wish i knew how to find people that can draw to work with, but it does not seem it will happen any time soon.

I will just have to suck it up.