Tramposillu: Four Friends, One Device, Zero Rules


A month or so ago, we released our second completed game: Tramposillu. It is a four-player party game for Android and iOS, and uses the device’s multitouch capability, but with a twist: the game is actually played outside the device, in the “real world”.

The gameplay is very simple: each player takes controls of a quarter of the screen with a long press, and must keep the finger on it at all costs while trying to force the other players to remove theirs from the screen. We say that the game is actually played “outside” the device because you use your other hand, arms, elbows, or anything else to win against the other player.

This is easier to understand by watching the following video, produced by The Jump:

In a way, this game allows everything that in others would be considered cheating. Thus, we named it Tramposillu, which in Catalan means “little cheater”.

You can download Tramposillu from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

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